Sight Impaired - ReConnect with Nature

PTSD Sufferers - ReConnect with Peace

Immobile - ReConnect with Adventure

Why Re-Connect?

  • hands free technology

  • easy to use

  • no training necessary

  • monthly updates

  • remote IT support

  • Dr. Nathan P. Dice, PhD

    As a corpsman in the infantry, I had the opportunity to practice emergency medicine in a variety of environments. Both fixed and rotary wing aircraft as well as naval ships. My sensitivity to motion became painfully apparent. I would often find myself fighting nausea and dizziness while caring for my patients. Taking drugs was an option but I often avoided it due to the drowsiness associated with such medication and my desire to think clearly. Working with the Re-connect trainer after only 3 sessions I was able to recognize an appreciable improvement in my resistance to becoming motion sick. My ability to keep my mind engaged without worrying about getting sick allowed me to perform at high levels with no need for medication and no reduction to cognition.